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Web development technologies are just a tool. Having the right tools allows you to build the right solutions. That lets you to create products that solve real-life problems, and makes the world a better place.


There are so many bottlenecks that often exist when people want to start up a particular career. Most of these bottlenecks have just one objective -- to stop this person from starting that career. In order words, beginning the career itself is one of the biggest things hindering the career from being created.

Once the career kicks off, everything now gradually falls into place once the person interested in the career has started the said career. This is synonymous with every form of career out there, especially web development. Once a web developer has started this career, every other thing starts falling into place

You may have heard that being a web developer is hard. It requires a lot of knowledge, many years of experience with computers, and it is not for everyone. This book will teach you that your motivation can lead you to a professional web development career. Because it's not important which tools you use, it's important what do you need to do with them.


Which technical and personal skills you need to own for successful web development career

How to start

What's the best way to transition into a software engineering role from a support engineer with no formal commercial experience in software engineering?

How to make the right choices

Backend or frontend? Or why not full-stack?

Recommended age to start

Have you asked yourself if you too old or too young to start web development career? You are not alone.

Symptoms and signs

The book will help you also to find some symptoms and signs that show you have the potential to start a career in web development.

Common web development Q&A

Find out an the answers of most asked questions about being a web developer


Would you like to start web development career?